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Quotes from Galena

A recent conversation with a pilot/teacher/resident of Galena produced some interesting word pictures.

“A man-camp”

“Dusty, very dusty”

“Dump trucks”

“on the verge” (of rebuilding)


“Streets are a mess”

“Families back…?”

“FEMA=more money+more red tape”

and then…




Photo credit, Anchorage Daily News


There’s a lot of fish in the sea…

…or atleast, in the river. A quarter of a million red salmon (sockeye) passed the sonar station on the Kenai River Tuesday. I mean they passed the sonar station…ON TUESDAY! In one day! That’s a lot of fish during one 24-hour period. 

That’s, like, ten thousand per hour. Which is about 170 per minute. Or 3 fish every second.

The downside is the famous, but vanishing,  Kenai River kings; this year fewer than 600 (total) have returned.

Galena updates

The following will give you some updated info on the Galena rebuilding effort;


A tale of two churches

Follow this link and read a quick story about outreach ministry in a remote village in western Alaska.