Monthly Archives: May 2013

Flood in Galena


Galena, Alaska, is experiencing the worst flooding in memory. An ice jam on the Yukon River about a dozen miles downstream has backed up the spring runoff, inundating the town of 500. First the “Old Town” on the river bank was flooded, then the new town a couple of miles away went under. Now the only area of Galena still dry is the old Air Force base located inside a protective dike. The town’s airport is also in this area.
All day Tuesday the water has been holding literally inches below the top of the dike. If the water raises a bit more it will begin spilling over and quickly erode the earthen wall, flooding what little is left operational in the town (though water and electricity have been shut off and nearly all residents evacuated).
SEND North has three missionary families living in Galena; all are currently out of the village but their houses are certainly flooded, as are the great majority of homes, the Galena Bible Church and most other buildings.
Please be in prayer for this Yukon River disaster-struck community. Pray the jam breaks before the dike is breached. Pray the believers will be able to glorify God as they work through the current emergency and the great loss and clean-up task that will follow. This hardship is a great opportunity for Christians to demonstrate the reality of faith in a very tangible way that can impact Galena residents and others in nearby villages. And pray for the downriver villages of Koyukuk and Nulato as they face the surge of floodwaters when the ice jam breaks and releases the flow.
If you want to learn more, Google “Galena” and you’ll find an abundance of information.
Thank you for praying.