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Two things…

…from the last part of Acts chapter 8 are interesting.

The first is a question, asked in verse 30-31; “Do you understand what you are reading?”

Two men meet on a desolate road in a wilderness. They are very different from each other, racially, culturally, even physically. One is a court official, a man who handles immense wealth on a daily basis, sitting in a parked chariot; the other is a simple man, likely walking the dusty road in sandaled feet.  Together they are like oil and water, two dissimilar guys talking about the Scritures.

And the second thing? Verse 36; “See, here is water! What prevents me from being baptized?”

A new believer sees a body of water and wants to be baptized. Pretty simple, in a warm desert at least. But how does it work in western Alaska, when it’s 44 degrees, blowing a cold wind off the Bering Sea, pelting rain? Basically the same. Six believers, growing in their  faith because a similarly dissimilar guy has come to them to explain the Scriptures. They are Yupik; he is not. They are descended from a hardy, indigenous people accustomed to living off the land and water around them; he is not. They are completely at home, in their element, related to virtually everyone in the community; he is not. They desire to follow Christ and be baptized, so they are.

Warm or cold, in Palestine or western Alaska, in the first century or the twentyfirst, it makes no difference. God sends His messenger, He works in the lives of people and He is glorified. In a rapidly changing world it’s pretty cool how some things never change.


WOW, it’s finished

WOW report pub version  This should be a good read. Seriously.