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WOW, it’s hot!

The Warriors Leadership Summit is now underway.

And it’s blistering hot all through the mid-west, like 100+++. (Whew! Glad I’m here in Alaska.)

Pray for this youth rally/leadership development/totally fun time thing going on to be a great blessing and a strategic time for  the Lord to work in a big way.



OK, the “Explorer” made it home, safe and sound after 5 days of boating through some of the wildest country you can find. Not without a few mishaps though, like weather (rain, hail, rough swells), fuel (exorbitant village prices and scarce availability), mechanical (undisclosed motor issues), health (somebody was sick, apparently) and running aground on submerged sandbars multiple times (unavoidable). But now our wandering fellow is home again, home again, jiggedy-jig.

The WOW team approaches their destination. The Summit is scheduled to begin Thursday, so be in prayer for this far reaching event. The goal (defined by me, at least) is to see our Lord raise up a new generation of Native (indigenous) Christian leaders. Pray in ernest, throughout the weekend especially.

Judgement and the work of the ministry; June 25th

“For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad.” (2Cor.5:10)

I’m aware of two individuals who need to give this text greater consideration; men in ministry in remote locations who refuse to be in submission to authority. They do as they choose. They twist Biblical truth and use it for their own benefit. They manipulate others, minister as they see fit, and in so doing, negatively impact the over-all work. Because of them, the advance of the Gospel is hindered. (I should also say, they are NOT with our organization). But they illustrate a greater issue; the independent, self-reliant nature of all who are engaged in ministry here in the remote north. 

By the very nature of this rugged, isolated field, those who serve here must have a certain measure of “pioneer spirit.” Scattered across a wilderness with little day-to-day interaction with others believers, we lack support and accountability, to say nothing of working in a close, mutually submissive relationship with fellow ministers. Even where a ministry team exists, we still reside hundreds of miles from organizational leaders, churches, etc.

So we need individuals who are fairly capable of living and serving independently. Just not too capable, and there is the tricky part. How much independent self-reliance is a virtue and when does it cross over into becoming a problem?

When we lose sight of 2Cor. 5:10, I guess.

“Lord, do what you must, as often as needed, for as long as required, to keep us humble, obedient and submissive. May our coming appearance before the judgement seat of Christ continually be on our minds, that our work, when tested by fire, may endure.”

WOW; June 19th

An update on the other expedition, heading the other direction. When I checked their location last, the WOW team was in the vicinity of Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. They appear to be making very good time.

The Explorer; June 19th

OK, I won’t say he’s crazy (though he may be) but I will say he’s courageous.

His name is unimportant, but right now I’m thinking of him as “Meriwether Lewis” or perhaps “Sir Francis Drake” or something similar.

He’s not paddling a birch bark canoe or strutting the poop deck barking out orders to his crew of one, but he must have a few drops of some old explorer’s blood in his veins because he’s looking for the mythical “Southwest Passage.”

He is currently boating down the Yukon River. In a day or two he will attempt to leave the river by way of a slough and eventually arrive at his home; a coastal village along Alaska’s southwest coast.

The only problem as I see it would be…I can’t find the connection. There doesn’t seem to be any rivers or sloughs (or lakes, ponds, creeks, canals or highways, for that matter) that connect the Yukon to the coast, short of continuing downriver to the mouth at Alukanuk.

So “Heave to me-hearties; put yer backs intoooit” with the prayer. I’ll feel relieved when our boy gets back home and can resume the more mundane aspects of northern ministry.

Track him here if you like

Big means BIG; June 17th

I knew this was going to be big.

The effects of the entourage had spilled out into the street and I could see it when I came around the corner down at the next block.  A parking space was non-existent so I did what they had done before me, park anywhere.

The excitement of youth was palpable. This group of forty (+/-) Native teens from village communities around southwest Alaska was riding the adrenaline rush brought on by the “new”; new faces, new places, new experiences and the anticipation of embarking upon a journey into a whole new world.

For a month or more they have left behind the familiar; dusty village streets, family, friends, shooting around down at the court, cruising the village on four-wheelers, watching the river flow by, helping Grandma cut fish, whatever. Even the way they talk (vocabulary choices especially), the music they listen to and the food they eat will be “new” (where can you get muktuk or tom cod on the Alaska Highway?)

The courageous adults leading this energetic (frenetic, even frantic) expedition were struggling to bring order from this assemblage of moving bodies and the strewn contents of vehicles. (At this point I think a photo will be helpful…)

I think you get the idea.

Their fearless leader, Grant Funk, who secretly must live a second life as a super-hero, was pondering how to organize this melee and get ready to travel…

when he had a revelation…

“Hey, let’s put some of that junk in here.”

OK, seriously, Grant and Lenna Funk are a great couple, they’ve made this trip to the On Eagle’s Wings, Warrior  Leadership Summit ( ) many time before. This year is new to them only as far as the number of participants they are bringing, and the number of chaperones too.

I’ll be posting more info as their journey progresses. You may access their blog ( ) and track them vis Spot

Pray for their travel, for the leaders, for the youth participating, for the conference and especially, for God to work in a powerful way through it all.

Inuvik; June 12th

Today the Drost family drove up from Tsiighetchic, bringing Daniel (from Fort McPherson) with them. We shared a meal, stories, hopes, dreams and ideas. John, Sandra and their daughter are from Australia. For a number of years they have persevered through difficulty while serving the Lord here in the NWT; the last two spent in Tsiighetchic.

Kim and I were blessed to spend time with them and expect God will do great things through this team working in the Mackenzie River delta. Join me in praying to that end.

Tomorrow (Wednesday the 13th) Kim and I will drive back down the Dempster to Dawson, where we’ll overnight before driving on to Tok, Alaska, and eventually back home to Anchorage.